Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Barry Barry Barry can't you see. . . .

Sometimes your words just hypnotize me. . . . he he he he (twirling my hair with my fingers).
Marion Barry complained about news reports that Rhee has hired a public relations person for $100,000 (with private funds) to help shape the school image. But Barry drew laughter when he said he had used one or two "spin doctors" himself.
"Oh, your so funny Barry!! We luv u!!"

Can people be any more pathetic?

Why the hell is this disgusting creature not behind the high walls of the most violent and dangerous prison? No, not Rhee. . . .I could care less about her. . .I'm talking about that smug looking criminal sitting behind one of the most notoriously corrupt councils in the country.

I can't seem to find the other article, but it said that Barry also offered image improvement advice to Rhee, such as getting caught snorting blow off the ass of a ten year old Polynesian exchange student as an appeal to immigrants; bribing bureaucrats to show that she can multitask; helping prostitutes and the criminally insane become teachers to show that she cares; and maybe get a few suspended sentences for felonies to show DC residents that she takes shit from no one.

Alright, I made that last one up.
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