Monday, March 29, 2010

This beam, what is it doing in my eye?!?!

"Hey US, stop letting my narcos buy weapons from your gun shows."

Alright, Mexican president Felipe Calderon didn't quite phrase it like that, but that's exactly what he's saying. If people in the US would just stop snorting drugs and make it illegal for the narcos to buy guns, Mexico wouldn't be in this problem in the first place.


Calderon says that in the last three years or so, they have confiscated over 66,000 weapons - half of them "assault thingies." Well let me ask you something about that, sport.

Out of those weapons your guys have confiscated, how many of them were originally sold by the US government to your government? Were any of them the:
  • 6,407,497 M16s
  • 1,853,384 AR15s
  • 1,282,841 Sub machine guns
  • 1,026,692 TOW missiles
  • 23,071,635 Pistols and Revolvers
. . . .sold to the Mexican Army between 1996 and 2003? Were they part of the over 240 million weapons systems kindly sold to you, because they all "originated" in the US, many of them manufactured here.

You should at least make an elementary attempt at tying up your loose ends before taking a poke at us. You could start by closing the "Mexican Government Loophole;" you know, the one where your own law enforcement and officials routinely broker deals to scumbags. That would help.


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