Thursday, March 4, 2010

Where to shoot?

I'm having a hard time finding a range to suit my needs. I've been looking for a centerfire rifle range with 500+ yards available in Virginia somewhere, and so far I haven't found anything that fits.

Quantico has a 1,000 yard shooting range, but club membership seems to take years to get into, and you need a sponsor, and they only have days open to the public like once every 70 years or so. I don't mind paying dues to be in a private club, but most only have 100 yard ranges, with the most I've seen being 300 yards. I can do that here. Also, I can't drive more than a couple of hours because of family commitments, so it has to be reasonably close. Clubs require you to also work for your membership, which I don't mind, but again, I can't put in 20 hours if the club is five hours away. It's insane.

I found this website which is very useful: Where To I found a 500 yard range that was perfect, until I found out through further research that it was only 150 yards. Bummer.

I have friends that have permission from local farmers to shoot 1000+ yards, but their schedules suck as bad as mine, and every time we try to get something together it falls apart. Too many layers to get access. I need either a public range, or a membership to a club.

Any thoughts?

If land in my AO wasn't running $200,000+ an acre, and I wasn't in debt up to my throat, I would buy up some property and make my own range.
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