Thursday, March 4, 2010

This Starbucks thing is now getting insane

As you may know, The Brady Campaign recently threw a fit over Californians open carrying firearms because they don't like it when they get pee all over their trouser legs when they buy coffee, so they tried to get Starbucks to put up "Gun Free Zone" signs to stop them. Earlier, I equated this effort with similar efforts by bigots at preventing peaceable people from going about their lives without being discriminated against.

Starbucks declined to discriminate against the peaceable and lawful carry of arms, and to give thanks, gun owners picked a day to go and buy a cup of coffee there, many of which were open carrying. Everything was rather simple, as from what I can tell this idea was spread around by bloggers.

But then the media picked up on it, and made it a big deal.

Now we have the Brady Campaign trying to show that they still have weight, and they want to stage a sort of collective gun banning coup at Starbucks. I imagine that there will not be a big turn out, as there really aren't a lot of anti-gun people with the motivation or organization to pull it off. It was easy for gun owners because, contrary to popular belief, those who carry a firearm don't put one on to go out and make a statement. They just holster their pistol or slip it in a pocket first thing in the morning before heading out for whatever it is they do for the day. They're already carrying, and it only takes an extra two minutes to swing into Starbucks and grab some Joe.

We don't have to rally together, get on a bus, and head out to protest all wild eyed with bull horns. We just show a little support.

I think in the end, the anti-gun crowd is just making themselves look bad. They're going well out of their way, with considerable effort, to show that they don't support an individual right. I say let them have their rope; they seem to know exactly what to do with it.
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