Thursday, August 12, 2010

Go-go gadget KNIFE!

Stuff like this is such low hanging fruit. I don't live in DC, but I live close enough that I can point out all its visible warts.
Fans of go-go group Polo and the Boyz seem to have been responsible for the fuss, which led to a brawl and a stabbing at the club off Bladensburg Road NE.
The natives have a penchant for random acts of violence. At least no one was shot this time, which we can all contribute to the attempted strengthening of gun laws.

Something tells me that if a Go-Go club opened up in let's say Fairfax, that there wouldn't be crazy violence there. Richmond perhaps, and definitely Baltimore, but not in any city where the residents are all sane.

Now, why do I have this Wham! song in my head?

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