Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beware, the Worcestershire menace!

The man's ex-girlfriend is accused of forcing her way inside and throwing things at the other woman, Bledsoe said. Among the items thrown were a can of tile cleaner and a bottle of Worcestershire sauce.
And it gets worse. The man was hospitalized in serious condition when he was assaulted by an assault broomstick!
She turned on the man, Bledsoe said, hitting him numerous times until the broom broke in half. Police allege that she then stabbed the man in the lower abdomen with the broken end.
That was after the girlfriend was assaulted with the dreadful thing. We can all see the point here that it would be best if we just took everything and anything away from people so that we can live a life of peace and harmony. Imagine a world without domestic violence!!!

There are some obvious common sense measures that would have to be enacted as well that are without question, like the outright banning of wife beaters and Hurricane. That alone would go quite aways to building up the utopia, but combine it with the confiscation of worcestershire sauce and broomsticks and you have a recipe for love, not war.

Think about it now, who really neeeeeeeds bottled sauces that can be instantly turned into dangerous projectiles by errant drunken lovers in a moment of passionate rage, or broomsticks made of deadly metal -- metal used in machines of war and death? Doesn't make sense, does it?

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