Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wait? Assault Thingies can save lives?

But I thought they were purpose built for dealing out death? Isn't the whole reason for owning an Assault Thingy for gunning down masses of children who are holding furry puppies under each arm?

Now they're all about "protection" and "protecting the public." If they can do it, I can do it too! I can protect the public!

I'm all about the po-po getting Assault Thingies; I sure wouldn't want to wander about in the woods at night looking for some violent cannibalistic child rapist with only my well worn issued Ruger to protect me. A Rock River Arms with a gazillion lumen light on it would make me much more willing to chase after him. That said, for the one or two incidents a year in which a for-real-no-shit drug smuggler is blasting away at the fuzz with his full auto widow maker, how many thousands of encounters will the cops have with Americans where they might want to point these rifles at them?

There should be some explicit use-of-force rules with the issuing of any weapons to cops, and perhaps more so with rifles. Some people I know and are very close to have seen what a dozen local county mounties do when they all have Assault Thingies, it's dark, they're excited and scared at the same time, and there's a misunderstanding at the neighbor's house.

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