Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cos' a country boy can survive

Wheeeeeeeew doggie! A Spotsylvania Good ol' Boy stops a wasted home intruder in his tracks with his trusty twelve gauge, but fortunately didn't have to fire a shot. That kid is so very lucky he didn't get shot.
The man gathered his family and placed them all in one room, Timm said. He then got a gun and encountered a young man he didn't know in the hallway in his home.

The homeowner ordered the suspect to the ground at gunpoint and held him there until Deputy Katie Higgins arrived. The subsequent investigation revealed that the suspect had kicked down the front door after failing to get in a rear door.
NBC News Washington's crazy and eccentric Pat Collins convinced the homeowner, who was busy skinning bucks and running trot lines at the time, to have an interview.

Folks out in the Western part of the county live remotely to say the least, and you would have to be pretty intoxicated to go banging on any doors out there at night. I know a Sheriff's Deputy who patrols out that way and he refers to it as "Spotsyltuckey." Quite frankly I'm amazed that the scumbag had the mental ability to even put his hands behind his head. Really though, the kid might not be a bad guy at all; it sounds like he was just so inebriated that he forgot where he was. With that said, any time you decide to modify your senses with the drink, you are responsible for your own actions, and have to accept that if you take things too far, some sober individual may use his Remington to help Natural Selection run its course.

(H/T to my wife)

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