Thursday, August 26, 2010

Baltimore cop is fired

I vaguely recall seeing these videos sometime back whereas a Baltimore cop goes ballistic on a young skateboarder. I almost passed by this article this morning, as I don't find much interest in YouTube justice unless it is over something extreme, but watching this guy get his rocks off by yelling at a teenager piqued my interest.

When my kids become youthful teenagers, who may not be all that appreciative towards police officers or the day to day tribulations they face, I would still expect that they are treated better than the lad in the video. Think about if you had to drive over to some incident between your kid and some cop, and the cop is calm as a cucumber but your kid is mouthy and disrespectful, or even just really wound up. My default reaction would be to deal with the less childlike person, which nine times out of ten is probably the cop. Not so much in the video here.

Anyways, the cop was fired, which means nothing, really, as he will surely be picked up by another department. The act though was appropriate, and may send a message to that ten percent that might take their job a little too serious.

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