Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Repetitive vicious maliciousness

A Stafford county Virginia woman was arrested last Friday night for aggravated malicious wounding. She had stabbed a woman multiple times in the "upper body" which I construe as being in the chest.

So big deal right? Some trashy scumbag in some no-name county in the Old Dominion got her stabby on, what's that got to do with anything? Who cares?

With that question I point you to the Virginia Court Case Information System where you can look up this woman's name in the same county and see where she was convicted last year for the same damn thing - stabbing a woman repetitively with a knife. And what severe sentence did she receive for this reckless act? Five freakin' years, which seems pretty appropriate for a first time offense of that nature where the victim lived. The problem is that four years and four months of that sentence was suspended, and she got out after six months in state prison and promptly and repeatedly rammed a pair of scissors in a girl's chest.

What is it about arresting and locking up crazy people, and then cutting them loose way before you said you would so that they can go out and paint the town red? If you say that the state demands five years for stabbing someone, then make it five years! If this woman had been caught with a pound of pot you know she would still be in prison. Keep the loony toons behind bars where they belong!

Oooh, check out the second comment for some humor!

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