Friday, August 20, 2010

Greed and commerce

Two women are charged with luring their landlord into a compromising position and then trying to blackmail him.
Compromising position indeed. This one's chock full of stupid.

On its face, there wouldn't be any controversy if the women had kept up their side of the bargain; it's simple give-give. The landlord is a scumbag for accepting adultery as payment, as he already has an obligation to his wife. The two women twice dishonored the agreement, which makes them scumbags too. For one, they couldn't handle their obligation to the rent as agreed, so they made a bargain, and then dishonored that too. Then to top it off, they tried to make a third contract by blackmailing the landlord for $11,000.

That's some goat rope those people have there. I guess there is no honor amongst thieves after all.

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