Friday, August 13, 2010

Pit Bull violence

Jones refused and officers escorted her outside, officials said. She suddenly stopped and ordered the dog to attack. The pit bull began biting the officer's foot, which was protected by a boot.
Many things to discuss. One, did the woman really "order" her dog to attack? Are the cops suggesting that she compelled the dog to act by tendering it spoken words? Seriously? I'm not defending her overall actions; she seems like quite the scumbag, and whatever charges are conjured up over her "ordering" an animal with a primitive will and no mastery of the English language will probably stick, but it still stands to ask the question of whether one can make an animal do anything. Responsibility for the dogs actions on the other hand. . . . .

Two, who wants to bet that the dog is not a "pit bull" -- the assault thingy of the canine world -- at all, but merely some form of muscular terrier that cannot be accurately identified by the police? Back in time, way way back before the Russians covertly introduced pit bulls to the American continent to wreak havoc on the place, the canine threat of the day was either the Doberman or the Rottweiler. At that time, pretty much any mid to large black dog that made the news was one of those highly dangerous and volatile animals, and the world knew about every toothy incident where one of them ate an entire city of people. These days, the Doby and Rotty threat is a thing of the past, as advanced doggy electroshock therapy and loppobodomy techniques have been so perfected that they don't seem to attack everything in sight like they did in the 80s.

Third, why the 1st degree assault? Are they suggesting that she planned to sic the animal on the cops all along? Like before she left her apartment that day, she re-checked her map and battle plan of the ambush, took a last long drag off her crack pipe, put on her shoes and grabbed Cujo's leash. "Lets go get us some poeleeeeeeece, Cujo! Don't let me down boy!" Yeah, totally premeditated, with like malice aforethought and stuff.

With all that said, it's surprising that the dog didn't get shot considering how often that seems to happen these days. Also, since we all know that a pit bull can tear off a mans leg with little to no effort, that only reinforces my opinion that this wasn't an American Pit Bull Terrier or other Bull Terrier breed at all, but probably a Beagle or something. And of course it sounds like this woman will be getting the treatment she needs. I could be wrong on that one; she could be a saint thrown into a big misunderstanding, but something tells me that that is not the case here.

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