Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A botched rescue attempt

In the Philippines. Fortunately the scumbag was taken out, but many hostages died in the process.

It's strange that the gunman, who was fired a couple of years ago for robbery and extortion, thought that he could force the government to give him back his badge by taking hostages at gunpoint, like anyone would ever trust his psycho ass with a gun ever again.

Some people are apparently that naive.

Also, check out some of the video footage here. The second on is titled "Snipers end the Philippines Hostage Taking," but watching the video casts doubt on the use of snipers. Who knows; maybe the Manila police snipers are trained to dump a full magazine into the windshield of a bus in order to take out a gunman, or maybe all those gunshots were outgoing rounds (not likely). I'm under the impression that cops with iron sighted M16s are the ones who killed the guy, and it's likely that some of the hostages were hit with those rounds. I'm not knocking anyone here; stopping a well armed gunman in a bus full of hostages doesn't sound like an easy task.

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