Monday, June 21, 2010

Drive-bys and Go-Gos

The DC mentality never fails to impress.

In response to a drive by shooting of nine people earlier this year, some of the families of the victims want to ensure that no one else in DC has the means to protect themselves from the rampant violence. Their means is to lobby congress to prevent the pro-gun bill that gets attached annually to the DC voting rights bill from ever seeing the light of day again.

These people no doubt just want the violence to stop, so I don't cast any stones at their end result, only the means.

At the first link, notice how all three of the men who carried out the shooting had extensive criminal histories. This happens again and again and again all throughout America: some scumbags that have made a career out of hurting people decide to elevate their crimes to murder, and the first thing the community and bureaucrats do is try to make things safer by taking away weapons from everybody, instead of focusing on the real problem of keeping these scumbags locked up in the first place. Or, sometimes when the bureaucrats go at it alone, without the help of grieving families, you end up with efforts to ban Go-Go joints, or pizza shops, or dead end streets, or high school football; anything but an attempt to strike the root of the issue.

The opportunity to prevent violence like this drive-by in question occurred years ago, but sadly was lost by the same people who are now trying to stop it by trampling the rights of everyone else. Again, I don't question the heart of these families, or the politicians who are listening to them, but I have to say that if they are not looking at fixing the revolving door policy of DCs criminal justice system, than they are only helping the next murderous teenager in carrying out his crime.

It's not the guns; it's the criminals. When the criminals show a pattern of violence, then put them away for good and you will have your remedy. Why aren't the outraged families screaming about the violent criminal history of the three scumbags? There will never be any shortage of weapons for criminals, but there can definitely be a shortage of scumbags if they are kept in a cage.

Feel good legislation will only take an opportunity away from the good citizens, and aid the DC scumbag in achieving their crimes.
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