Thursday, June 10, 2010

Way of the Ninja

Sneaky ninjas steal a bunch of stuff from a school without tripping the alarm. Not known is whether they used a grappling hook to get onto the roof of the building, or whether they got up there using the power of the mind.

Even if they were caught and brought to justice - we're talking hypothetically here - how could they even be tried? Being ninjas and all, how would a judge even be able to see them to issue a sentence?

Whomever installed the security stuff in the school is incompetent. I mean, you've got motion detectors that can't detect people crawling around on the ground (not that they can detect ninjas to begin with), but didn't bother to place a security device of any kind on the hatch that leads to the roof? Did that slip your mind?

It's like bad TV or something.
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