Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This slope sure is slippery

The DC fire chief wants to ban consumer fireworks in the district. As it stands right now, the fireworks that are legal in the district are pretty pathetic, but the sheep can't be trusted because apparently they're not highly trained firework specialists, so they must be taken away.

You can bet that the citizens living in DC will gladly hand over the win.

I've always laughed at fireworks laws like DC's, or even Virginia's, which are equally pathetic, because I find it absurd that governments that can't seem to balance a budget year after year insist that us incompetent commoners can't be trusted with firecrackers.

We can be trusted to hand our children burning hot sticks of molten steel to wave around in the dark and light fountains that shoot ten foot jets of thousand degree flame. Those things are safe. Little firecrackers that can be lit and backed away from, or that launch up into the air to pop from the safety of a hundred feet or so, are way to dangerous so they have to be taken.

It just seems so petty.

I expect the 4th of July this year to be no different than any other year, with Virginians passively defying fireworks statutes and celebrating our independence as they please.
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