Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Who's BAD!?!?

I seem to be on a music post-title kick this morning, but that's how I'm programmed.

Haji has a review of Magpul's Battery Assist Device (BAD, get it?), which he stretched out on the range to see how it works. Looks like a quality upgrade for an AR rifle for those that shoot them often. Practicing with it looks to be key, as it slightly modifies the manual of arms, and you don't want to be they schmoe who clicks off a round into a buddy's foot while changing magazines.

My rifles are currently tasked with collecting dust samples from the inside of the safe while I feebly swat at life's little problems, so I'm thankful and intrigued of others who take the time to try out new equipment and post their findings.

Good stuff!

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