Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Live in Northern Virginia and need shooting supplies?

Andy at Tempestuous Sea has posted a handy NoVA Guide to Guns that has the rundown on what stores there are in the area and what you can get there, as well as gun shows, ranges, and other stuff. Lots and lots of good information.

I'm a native Virginian that's been shooting my whole life, and I didn't know many of the places in this guide. Go check it out.


Broken Andy said...

Thanks for the link CTone.

Before I put the list together, I was under the impression there really wasn't a lot of gun-related stuff in this area. But I think the list speaks for itself. There's quite a bit of stuff. You might have to drive an hour to get there, but the stores and ranges are there. Driving an hour is just the price you pay for living in NoVA for anything: when I use to commute from Falls Church to Bailey's Crossroads in the morning, it would take me 45 minutes... and that was only a 6 mile commute.

Unknown said...

Yikes! And I complain about a 50 minute 24 mile hike. . .

I agree though, VA sure does have a strong shooting culture.