Thursday, June 16, 2011

Crazy people roundup

A shooting victim at the funeral of a shooting victim, in Chicago. Why, there aught to be a law or something to prevent stuff like this from happening. Maybe make the whole daggone city a place that is free from idiots with guns. What a swell idea.

Also, TSA screeners conducting an intense scrotum search found a bunch of heroin on a traveler. Oh wait, did I say TSA screeners? My mistake; it was Customs Inspectors, and they weren't sexually assaulting him when they found the drugs, they were interviewing him. Weird. Who would have known that old fashioned police work would produce results?

And again, hailing from Stafford, Virginia we have a psychotic woman ramming her car into another car, all the while her 1 year old is safely strapped into the back seat. Now this may come as a huge surprise, but the whole incident was allegedly started over a man. Shocking!

Kansas City shows off its lunatics with some parents who were off doing who knows what while their crazy ferret ate the fingers off their four month old. Leaving your kids in an air conditioned car while you buy a lottery ticket is grounds these days for state charges, so these people had to know that it was a bad idea to leave their infant at home alone. With an animal that is known to bite.

Now, as you go about your day, look to your left and your right at all the friendly people you encounter and know that at least one of them is batshit crazy. Pay attention to your surroundings at all times.


Broken Andy said...

That story of the ferret and the 4-month old just ruined my day. Thanks CTone!

That is just freakin' awful. That little boy's life is now ruined thanks to those assholes.

Unknown said...

It breaks me up too. As bad as it sucks, assholes need to see the light of day in public in order to keep their numbers in the minimum.

Broken Andy said...

They should be strapped down while a ferret gnaws their fingers to the stubs. That would serve as an important lesson to others.

Unknown said...

I think at times mankind should not have abandoned public punishment. Not that I want society to go medievil or anything, but there was a reason that morons way back when were placed in stocks in town square where passersby could hit them with fruit or smash their toes with a hammer. Lessons were learned hard back then.