Monday, June 6, 2011

A Russian version of me!

This guy cracks me up, and not just because of his accent; he is a total gun dork just like I am, although I don't have a blue and red Remington shotgun. I'm sure Mayor Bloomberg is warming up the helicopter for his crack team of felons to investigate the Duracoat on the weapon. Any day now.

I am unimpressed with the flachette rounds. Seems like they don't have enough ass to do what they're designed to do. Launching an arrow from a shotgun is very effective and powerful, as anyone who has ever fired their steel cleaning rod into a tree from the muzzle of an M16 using blanks can attest. The Dragon's Breath rounds are frickin' scary! Don't know how well they would stop an intruder that has broken into your house; it will surely blind you in the middle of the night and set your house on fire, but I bet it only takes one shot to convince even the most determined crackhead that he has the wrong residence.

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