Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dis-Sworderly conduct

In Maryland, an edgy fellow with a grudge and a sword threatens people with the steel, including children!!!Gasp!! Fortunately he sheathed the beast before the cops showed up and forced him onto the path to righteousness.

I do wonder about the charge of carrying a weapon with an intent to injure; I would bet that if he had threatened the responding police officers, they would have shot him very dead, with the investigation and AAR stating that the maniac with the sword represented a deadly threat that had to be stopped with a hail of gunfire. And right they would have been.

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Broken Andy said...

Those RenFair guys really need to know their boundaries!

Seriously, sounds like the guy was fooling around and some "victims" lacking a funny bone called the PoPo. He never fully unsheathed the sword.