Friday, June 3, 2011

More video clips on the FN SCAR PDW

Defense Review has some more footage of the SCAR PDW in action where you can see the reciprocating charging handle in all its jamming-potential glory. I'm not too fond of reciprocating charging handles either, although on longer guns like an SKS and AK they don't bother me; though I wouldn't want it on such a short little death machine like the teensy weensy SCAR.

Ooooh - also check out their review and full-auto video footage of Colt's Sub Compact Weapon (SCW). I blogged about that carbine last year when I was at the Modern Day Marine Convention. The folding stock is definitely interesting, and time will tell if it will hold up under combat conditions.

Still reading down Defense Review's front page, I see they shot H&Ks 416C, which is a PDW type carbine based on the AR platform. Who would have guessed that H&K was so stingy with the ammo? At least they didn't load the rounds into the magazine backwards.

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