Friday, June 10, 2011

Spousal Unit Fail

Little initially put the gun to the dog's head and pulled the trigger several times, but nothing happened, police say the wife told them.
Knowing my wife like I do, I'm certain that if I was sitting on the porch pounding moonshine, snapping a partially loaded revolver at the dog while babbling about how bad my life sucks, she would probably end my suffering temporarily with a frying pan long enough for the state-run help to arrive and give me proper attention. But maybe my wife is different then the vast amount of them out there in that she cares about me, and wouldn't just sit on her ass while I self destructed.

The guy in the article is dead by his own hand, but I have to question the sanity of his wife. Telling the cops that her husband "got tired" of playing russian roulette with the dog means that she had plenty of time to do something to prevent such a tragedy, unless of course she's patiently waiting for that "til death do us part" clause in the marriage contract to be executed (oh, my pun!) so that she can get on with her life. It makes sense then.


Nancy R. said...

Watching someone you care about self-destruct is difficult, but you can't have a rational discussion with an irrational person. You can't get a person help who refuses to admit there is a problem. She's just lucky he didn't decide to turn the gun on her when he tired of messing with the dog.

Unknown said...

Very true. With that, she could have bunkered down with the phone and called the guys with tazers to come and make hubby feel all better inside.