Monday, June 13, 2011

A chance encounter

BOSTON (Reuters) – A mountain lion was killed just 70 miles from New York City early on Saturday morning, and officials were trying to determine if it was the same big cat spotted a week ago roaming the posh suburb of Greenwich, Connecticut.
A mountain lion was also seen in a suburb of New York City 30 miles away last week, leading everyone to believe the dead cat is one and the same. Sounds likely to me. My thoughts though go to this:
"By and large, cougars want to stay as far away from people as they possibly can because they are so solitary," said Bob Wilson, a co-founder of The Cougar Network, an organization devoted to tracking and researching the animal.

Wilson said mountain lions like to hunt in the shadows and it would be a very remote chance to encounter the cat.
Well now, this cougar didn't conform to the little box that you placed him in, did he, considering that New York City and Connecticut suburbs are are chock full of people? The cat was wandering around really close to people, one or several of which could have had a bad encounter with it if someone hadn't encountered it to death with the grill of their Pathfinder.

People may call me paranoid, but I stay prepared for any predator, two legged or four, at all times because despite what the experts say, primitive thinking animals are unpredictable; that is how they were programmed. I don't know if .380 ACP is sufficient for stopping mountain lion, but I do believe it's far more effective than hope.


Broken Andy said...

Can't mountain lions get to be about 300lbs, and most of that is muscle (which is why they can be small but have a lot of weight)? .380ACP may be more than hope in this case, but .44 Rem. Mag is a plan.

Just razzing... I carry a .380 about half the time.

Unknown said...

I would carry a .44 mag everywhere if DeSantis made a pocket holster for it!