Friday, January 23, 2009

Update on National Park Carry

I posted Wednesday on a news article that I found about National Park Carry, and how the press is hinting that President Obama may try to stop/repeal/infringe on the law.

SailorCurt and Mike W. of Another Gun Blog think that it's too late to change, and I thought as well.

Well, I found another article from yesterday at ABC news that raises doubts as to the resilience of the new law, but also gives me hope that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar may be watching gun owners backs.

Would he consider reversing a decision made in the final weeks of the Bush administration to allow people to carry loaded firearms in the national parks, a U.S. Park Service employee asked, noting that park rangers already face a variety of dangers.

"We'll take a look at that ... I don't have an answer on that right now," replied Salazar, recounting that on his Colorado ranch "I always had a sense of comfort when I had my gun with me."

If he really is pro-gun, then he would be the only appointment by President Obama that I know of that is. Also consider that he is a Democrat, who are not known to be very gun friendly. If he is able to just drop the new law into the shredder, than I don't hold a lot of faith in the strength of the. law.

Note also that Associated Press Writer H. JOSEF HEBERT, the writer of this article, subtly implies that citizens that carry guns are dangerous. Think I didn't notice that? This sort of poor reporting by the mainstream news is precisely what is giving bloggers such momentum. Thanks Joe!

Correction: It looks as if a "U.S. Park Service Employee" posed the question, but note that the employee was not specifically quoted. It could be manipulation by the reporter, or the employee really is an idiot.

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