Thursday, January 8, 2009

Reporter spreading disinformation

ABC reporter Alan Wang knows his guns:

Three times in three weeks high-powered weapons were stolen from East Bay police cruisers.


They broke into several patrol cars and stole a 12 gauge shotgun and three semi-automatic AR-15 assault rifles.


They broke into a cruiser and took off with an AR-15 assault rifle and about 120 rounds of ammunition. It's still missing.

Hey jackass, why don't you try some fundamental research before spouting out disinformation:


An assault rifle is a selective fire (automatic and semi-automatic) rifle or carbine firing ammunition with muzzle energies intermediate between those typical of pistol and high-powered rifle ammunition.


Semi-automatic rifles such as the AR-15 and civilian versions of the AK-47 are not assault rifles, as they are not selective fire. Nor do belt-fed weapons or rifles with fixed magazines meet the definition of an assault rifle.

Emphasis all mine.

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