Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Two CCWs stop workplace violence

But I thought the cops would just shoot the armed citizens on sight? What happened to all of the confusion that the Brady Campaign said would happen?? WTF??!!

HOUSTON -- A woman armed with a bow and arrow and a mock gun stormed into a northwest Houston business Monday and allegedly shot an employee.

Julie Parker shot the victim, Armando Silva, with an arrow.

“I saw him with a bow and arrow in the side of his chest. He was fading," said Alex Quiroga, the victim's co-worker. "The girl was running toward the building to the hallway.”


Witnesses said other employees of the business pulled out their own pistols. They were able to knock the mock gun away from Parker, but when she allegedly threatened to shoot them with another arrow, they fired a couple shots at her.

So, two good citizens pulled real handguns, both then making the determination that her handgun was fake, and held fire until she aimed the very real bow and arrow at them. Why they didn't just panic and fire indiscriminately into the kneeling, bleating crowd of unarmed employees has not yet been ascertained. That is what the media and our politicians keep telling us will happen in these situations, right?

I notice that when the cops got there they didn't freak out over the citizens with handguns and get into a long, drawn out gunfight with them. They instead quickly determined who the offender was and shot her, thus ending the event.

I have to say it: never bring a bow and arrow to a gun fight.

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