Monday, January 26, 2009

He loves me, he loves me not - differing professionalism

The Agitator posts on an armed citizen's encounter with Alexandria, Virginia police.

The citizen reports on a police officer who is illegally parked. Responding officer declines to give a ticket, and even states that he would probably cite a non-LEO for a similar offense. Big shocker there, but the officer said he wasn't concerned when the citizen informed him that he was open carrying.

The illegally parked officer decided to then follow the citizen and make a stink about open carrying. He actually tried to deny that he was following the him, despite being caught on camera. Good on the citizen for not leading that man to where he lives. A cop who is bold enough to park illegally, then follow you around for calling him out on it, then make up silly excuses for "not following" you when confronted, is probably bold enough to stash a bag of pot in your car at night and then bust you for it the next day.

On another note, it would seem that there is still some disparity in how OCing is treated in Virginia. That one cop is totally at ease with someone lawfully carrying a weapon is refreshing, but being followed by another is unacceptable; not to mention creepy. That it happened without tasers or bloodshed in Alexandria is surprising, and says that word is getting around that Virginians OC.

I say this as I had a discussion last night with my brother who is now lawfully OCing, and my other brother can apply for his CCW; not that I'm a fan of asking the courts to dispense rights by issuing a paper card. There is some concern that my brother may get harassed for OC. It's possible, but I've never had anyone even notice me when I OC. Not a peep from anyone, ever, although I notice people OCing sometimes.

Good thing I stay the hell out of Alexandria. I don't go too far North of Woodbridge these days; there's something nasty in the water up there.

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