Tuesday, January 6, 2009

DC Assistant Police Chief to concerned citizens

Sorry about your luck.

It's well known that DC is a haven for violent psychopathic scumbags, and that citizens in the capitol of our free nation want to be kept informed about what said scumbags have been up to in their area of interest, and that DC police cannot keep these concerned citizens safe from the scumbags. Well, now the tool that these citizens rely on - daily crime reports - has been taken away by MPD because:
". .we have found that the information was not uniform in nature and that some of the information revealed facts that were not for public information and jeopardized our investigatory process." - DC Assistant Police Chief Diane Grooms
Instead, she says that citizens can just use the anemic DC crime map, which includes pretty much no information. Look at the comments in the above article to get an idea of what the DC residents are feeling.

In short, what is going on is that: 1) The crime rate in DC is sky high. 2) Residents are barred by law from protecting themselves with modern defensive tools from psychopathic predators when they venture outside of their homes. 3) DC police can't protect residents inside or outside of their homes from violent predators. 4) DC residents can no longer receive timely crime reports about murderous scumbag activities in their neighborhoods because of poor communication within the DC police department.

Maybe by "reliev[ing] a sworn member [DC cop] from performing such administrative tasks [such as telling citizens what scumbags have been up to] so that they can work out in the field.", Assistant Chief Grooms can send said relieved officer out to negotiate peace between the defenseless DC citizens and the violent career felons who would maim and murder them for their twenty dollars.


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