Thursday, January 15, 2009

Home again

I've been out of town on travel for a week, but got in early this morning. Nothing like a few 20+ hour days to ruin your mood. My blog stats are probably in the toilet as well. Sorry for the lack of posting.

I will be covering a movie guns this weekend. I've been working non stop for quite a few months now, and my wife has pretty much said that she can't stand my grumpiness, so I'm taking the weekend off. That means no painting or drywall. Yippy!!

I'm not sure what the weather looks like this weekend, but I'm going to do some shooting regardless. I haven't fired a shot in fun for a long time, and I'll post some pics if I can, but I'm excited about the idea of not doing anything constructive for a couple of days.

Everyone needs a mental health day.

I'm also excited about spending some much needed time with my family. I've neglected them in order to double the square footage of the house. Now that the downstairs is carpeted, my daughter can run around without the danger of getting a drywall screw stuck in the ball of her foot. It also means that I can safely blog while she plays in the new half of the house. Baby CTone can stare at the ceiling an vomit on himself while sitting with me in the recliner watching 24 Redemption.

It's all coming together!

So stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Happy for the update!

Anonymous said...

A fan!