Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Government fail

I got up this morning to find out that every school or official government function was closed due to snow. Here in Northern Virginia, we receive an email at work warning us about the weather and telling us to look to Quantico to see if they're closed. If Quantico is closed, we're closed.

Well, whoever makes the call to close the base must have a hell of a hangover, because the roads are treacherous, and there are cars wrecked and overturned everywhere in the wake of this snowfall, and the base is still open. Not only that, but until a few minutes ago, you couldn't even get on the Quantico website to check to see if the base was closed, or even delayed.

Next time, spare me the email telling me to look for guidance at your non-functioning crap website that takes ten minutes to load on a good day. I'll make the freaking call myself since you can't muster the courage to close up shop on the first significant snowfall that we've had in three years.

On an angry note: to the stupid pompous woman in the SUV who was riding my bumper as I was getting ready to merge onto I-95 this morning - yeah you; the one who decided that I wasn't going fast enough so you swerved around me and cut me off AS I WAS MERGING ONTO THE RAMP - thanks for endangering the life of my eighteen month old daughter so you could get to work five minutes faster. It's probably wrong to say, but I was definitely looking to see the mangled wreckage of your car on the side of the highway so I would have some vindication that idiots like you get what you deserve. Sometimes I just hope for some Darwinism.

It used to be that Virginian drivers were competent to drive in the snow, but now that Al Gore stopped the snow in our area with his freaking global warming, we haven't had any, so now Virginians loose all control in any inclement weather and go about spinning and careening off the roads and flipping over; cars wrecked everywhere. What a shame.

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