Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ahh, the land of A- gun laws

Maybe if California had received the coveted A+ gun law rating from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership, then this violent, gangbanging, career criminal would not have been able to get the gun that he used to shoot at a car full of innocent people and accidentally kill a four year old on the sidewalk.

Astorga was also charged with the special allegations that the murder was to promote a street gang and that he intentionally fired the gun.


Investigators describe Astorga, a Boyle Heights resident, as a felon who previously has served prison time for narcotics, gun and other offenses.


Astorga was released on parole in June and was first arrested in Los Angeles at the age of 10, officials said.

I'm not trying to dance in the blood of a tragedy here. I'm questioning why does California insist on paroling violent scumbags, and then expect them to not hurt or kill innocent people? I mean, I couldn't sleep at night if I were the guy on the parole board that let someone with a lengthy, violent criminal history roam the streets as a free soul. It would tear me up. How many people do you have to hurt to get put away for good?

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