Thursday, January 8, 2009

Certifiable PSH

Nebraska politicos are having hissy fit after discovering that the state capitol building is still a public place that is accessible to free citizens of the republic. That has to stop.
State Attorney General Jon Bruning announced his concern after his agents brought the weapons in during the demonstration and went undetected. He showed off the military-style weapons at a news conference Tuesday morning.
The reporter in the video says that they were "assault weapons;" and being the "Authorized Journalist" that she is she must know the difference. I noticed that the weapons in question were not used to assault, so I cannot understand why the fierce label. One can only imagine the disdain the state agents have towards her for not calling it a "patrol rifle," as that is the politically correct name for such weapons when carried by those who are "certified."

But wait:
They were props to show the kind of fire power gang members are reported to be carrying these days and not about capitol security until he announced that the props made it through security.
Oh, so when "certified law enforcement officers" carry them they're "props." Just what would have happened if a mere un-certified member of the public tried to carry a weapon into the building? I would imagine. . . .nothing, so long as the "network of security cameras" didn't see a citizen's Kimber printing through their shirt.

And what if Nebraska appropriated money towards installing metal detectors in the state capitol building and assigned "certified law enforcement officers" to search every free citizen who enters the building? Would that stop an armed madman? Probably not. But it would, sooner or later, ensure that some innocent woman would have her life ruined for leaving her Kahr pistol in her purse instead of leaving it in the glove box.

I couldn't help but notice in the video the bag of scary looking cartridges that State Attorney General Jon Bruning is waving around for all in the room to gasp at. They look like Winchester Supreme Ballistic Tips; which if your a total dumb ass that trembles at the mere mention of the label, and think that it makes them even more deadlier, know that they're made for shooting small critters called 'varmints'; thus the pictured prairie dog on the box.

The quote of the day comes from Nebraska Senator Mike Friend: "I don't mean to sound too cliche', but this is the people's building."

Indeed, Senator.

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