Thursday, January 22, 2009

Give us this day our lying media scum

You can count on the news to deliberately skew any self defense story that includes citizens using firearms to righteously stop a criminal. If it doesn't end with a bad guy being stopped comically by a store clerk with a box of tampons, then it doesn't make the cut.

Yesterday I posted about two citizens in Houston who drew their concealed pistols in response to a disgruntled employee gone postal. Notice that the story that I linked to reported this:
"Witnesses said other employees of the business pulled out their own pistols. They were able to knock the mock gun away from Parker, but when she allegedly threatened to shoot them with another arrow, they fired a couple shots at her."
And by "fired a couple of shots at her," what they really meant to say by not, you know, actually saying, was that the two employees put a bunch of holes in her, thus causing her to drop her fake-ass pistol and run desperately for her life. Sayeth another news outlet:
Those employees, who are licensed to carry concealed handguns, fired "numerous" shots at Parker, hitting her several times, investigators said.
Now, as Ride Fast & Shoot Straight has pointed out, the headline of the above quoted electronic fish wrap that is known as the Houston Chronicle, as well as the shit alphabet news outlet that I linked to, points to the heroic police who showed up after said employees shot that crazy woman, and actually stopped the attack. Splitting hairs? I think not. The media just can't give credit where it's due, unless it's to state sanctioned authority.

I'm all for the cops catching bad guys and dispensing righteous quantities of well aimed copper into violent spree shooters, but damn, just report the daggone facts as they are. Stop handling your readers, or sooner or later a bunch of knowledgeable bloggers are gonna run you up the flag pole; just like this.

Reporters; can they get anything right?

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