Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Your tax dollars at work

So there's, like, too many deer around Camp David, so the National Park Service is going to kill them off with "sharpshooters," instead of taking the economic route by letting hunters pay to do the job.
In the final Environmental Impact Statement for white-tailed deer management in Catoctin Mountain Park, the park service proposes killing about 900 deer over three years to thin a herd that is damaging the forest by excessive grazing on vegetation.
Hunters would pay $20 for a stamp to kill one of those deer, and it would put food on their table as well. What does the Park Service plan on doing with the carcass when they shoot it?

Check out the comments if you need a good laugh. There are all kinds of ridiculous proposals from folks who can't stomach the idea of animals being killed. They cry out that it's inhumane, and then suggest giving birth control to the animals; like shooting them with a tranquilizer gun right before you roger their insides with a metal probe is so much more humane. It's 'progressive!' OR, we could just coat everyone's azaleas with hot sauce to make the deer go somewhere else for food! If that doesn't work, we could spend millions relocating the animals to somebody else's backyard, say airlift them to Venezuela, and then the problem will be solved. The deer will never return!

Our society is so full of idiots that I fear for the future of mankind.

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Anonymous said...

My girlfriend has a hard enough time getting me to wear a condom. How do they expect to get a buck to wear one?