Monday, December 15, 2008

Brady Campaign takes on law abiding citizen

What a bunch of shameless scumbags.

Meleanie Hain is back in the news because she is suing the county and the sheriff for revoking her gun permit. Good for her.

The Brady Campaign, who claims that they are not against law abiding gun owners, have offered to defend the county, as well as the local sheriff, against Meleanie, who has been abiding by the law this whole time. During the incident where Meleanie's permit was revoked, she was acting lawfully, and the court rightfully restored her permit; a concealed carry permit, I might add, which has no bearing whatsoever on open carry, which Meleanie was doing on the day her permit was taken.

So she was doing nothing illegal, had her rights infringed, and is suing because of those infringements. But that is against everything that the Brady Campaign is for. They can't have good citizens going about their day while lawfully carrying a firearm.

Last week, the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence offered to defend DeLeo and the county for free.

"This is a case that calls out for common sense and sanity," said Daniel Vice, the center's senior attorney. "It's an incredible risk to bring a loaded semi-automatic weapon to a children's soccer game."

Is that so? Let me ask: if it's such a big risk then why are cops allowed to carry to the field? I presume it's because they believe that cops have much higher gun handling skills then any mere citizen, but yet they automatically think that way without any idea as to how much training Meleanie, or any citizen for that matter, has with their weapon. It's assumed that a uniform brings competence with weapons, and that's not really true.

DeLeo, who calls himself a staunch NRA member, said he has nothing against guns but felt it was his duty to take action "because of the safety and security issues involving [children] on the field."


DeLeo said he had rarely seen anyone other than a police officer walk around with a gun on the hip. In fact, doing so might make Hain more of a target, he said.

Good for thee, but not for me? I bet he feels real safe on a soccer field. And who has ever heard of a scumbag shooting it out on a soccer field in recent memory? Meleanie must be paranoid or something.

This article has some BiaS in it as well; because we can't have a group of idealistic scumbags who don't want law abiding citizens to have firearms without a little help from incompetent and opinionated journalists, can we?

Her babysitting business has suffered. Two babysitting clients have fled and she is down to just one family.


She carries the weapon cowboy-style because in an emergency - not that there has ever been one - "I don't really need anything extra in the way of the gun if I'm going to have to pull it out and I'm holding a baby and trying to shuttle two or three other kids," she said.

Fled? Cowboy style? No sir, writer Kathy Boccella is not at all trying to draw conclusions for the reader. That wouldn't be ethical, now would it?
Michael Long - who leaves Tyler, 2, and Joshawa, 8, with Hain one day a week - said he doesn't worry because she locks up her gun when the children are in the house.
So not only is she law abiding, she's safety minded as well. Who would have thought? So why does the Brady Campaign feel that they should go after this woman?

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