Monday, December 1, 2008

It takes four gunman to rob a Dunkin Donuts?

This happened in Florida where four masked men took the money and then started randomly shooting people.

"Just give them what they want" doesn't sound so great now, does it? And yes, I see the futility of one potential citizen armed with his sub-compact blaster engaging four criminals; one of them carrying a shotgun. Shooting it out with them will probably get you shot and/or killed, but cowering on the floor definitely will. Given the option of resistance and death, or just death, I'm going to choose the former every time, especially if I'm out and about with my family.

This shooting did happen in Florida where citizens are not barred from being armed, but none of them in this situation were. That's their business. A lone cop or armed security guard wouldn't fare much better. My question is why would anyone think that they're going to score a ton of money from a Dunkin Donuts? Enough money to split four ways? Why would anyone want to add a murder charge to their record over what could only be a few hundred bucks at most?

It seems to me like what these guys wanted was to shoot some people.

Update: Three ganbanging thugs have been arrested in connection for the robberies, and it would seem that their intentions were not so much monetary as they were to just shoot people.

"When asked, 'Why did you shoot these innocent, innocent people?' his comment was he just wanted to up his body count," said Broward County Sheriff Al Lamberti.

"His statement to us was that he has no soul, and he said, 'I've had no soul since 5 years old, and I'll give you an example. I could kill you right now and it wouldn't mean anything to me,'" said Sgt. Neal Glassman of BSO.

Must have had it rough as a kid.

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