Friday, December 19, 2008

Always be sceptical of authorities

Cops may not always be cops.

I'm not saying to be a dick to every police officer, but you should not treat every interaction with them by mousing down. This particular situation is different, but I am using it to spread awareness that just because someone is dressed in a uniform, wearing a shiny thing, does not mean that you have to let them into your house, or let them do obscene things.

Condition Yellow applies to everyone.


Mike W. said...

You shouldn't be letting them in your house period. (real cops or otherwise)

There's no good reason for the cops to step foot in your home unless you called them there.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if the person wearing a shiny thing and a state-issued costume is a "real" cop or not. I trust real cops less than I trust criminals. At least a criminal doesn't pretend to have a right to initiate violence against you for performing an action that does not violate the rights of another man. And, as Spooner says, at least a common highway robber leaves you alone after he takes your money, and doesn't follow you, claiming to offer services of "protecting you."

An example of actions which policemen have no right to initiate violence over? Anything a non-policeman does not have a right to do. Such non-violations of rights include carrying a firearm without a state permission slip/hall pass, distilling your own adult beverages or growing your own tobacco, building the type of house you want on your own property ("your own property" here being used as a euphemism for land on which you pay rent to the State,) safely conveying yourself in a private vehicle without a state vehicular hall pass, (because we know having a state-issued license makes you a safe driver) or without giving the state a cut of your money for the privilege of owning said vehicle,(property/registration tax) and lastly, inhaling smoke from certain unapproved mind-altering types of vegetation (which I do not approve of from a moral standpoint, but neither will I force anyone at gunpoint to not smoke it, as a cop thinks he has a right to do.)

In other words, common street thugs are far less evil, in my estimation. Men, on the other hand, who initiate violence against others for "crimes" that did not violate the rights of any other man, and who are supported in their violent profession with money obtained by violence or the threat thereof are men who do not deserve to be called anything but organized criminals. Violence-initiating thugs with shiny metal badges.

I am sorry if that offends any of you who still partake in the "cops are heroes who protect us from the bad mans" Kool-Aid. I take that back. I am not at all sorry if it offends you. I hope that your anger at my words causes you to reassess what your beliefs are, and the reasons you have those beliefs.

-Sans Authoritas