Sunday, December 7, 2008

Busy week

Before you ask, I am working on a Movie Guns post. I'll get it to you in a couple of days, and it's a good one.

This week has been trifling. One screaming kid is a piece of cake, but two screaming kids is another matter altogether. I'm running on no sleep right now, and I have no idea how my wife can even put together a whole sentence. She's up all night every night with the new baby CTone. Bless her heart.

Speaking of that - if you happen to be family of mine, and are not currently ill with some perpetual flu like virus, know that there is new blood in our tribe. With the exception of my mother, nobody else has stopped by. Shame on you. If you've been trying to reach my cell - it's UA. Fortunately I have a home phone, and Mrs. CTone has a cell that works, and we have, like, eight email addresses. Or you could just drive the mile (or several, for the perpetually ill) to my freaking house and meet the little guy. He will be whatever you help him grow up to be.

So getcha asses over here.

Rant off.

With every spare moment I can muster I've been putting effort into finishing my basement. Forty five gallons of "Easy Sand" drywall mud went onto my walls. Whoever came up with that title should be shot. I'm surprised that my neighbors haven't called the feds on me, with my emptying six gallons of pure white drywall dust from my shop-vac into my backyard every two hours while wearing a M40 Field Protective Mask. It makes me kinda nervous.

It's now full speed ahead with the DPMS 308 build. I'm going to be ordering most of the upper parts now that the lower parts have been ordered. I'll post pics when I put it together. I have to constantly fight the urge to just go for a bad-ass scope instead of buying up the parts that may soon be on the legislative chopping block, but I doubt there will be a Leupold ban any time soon. Those who have built a rifle know how hard it can be sometimes to spend the money and get a worthy optic.

Tomorrow I go back to work after a week and a half off, so wish me luck. After I get home and install a toilet I'll get back on my task of providing the world with another Movie Guns.

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Anonymous said...

Hey man, lettin you know I haven't dropped off the earth either. Worked a day with our mother this week, installed the new cabinet/flooring in my bathroom, and put in some face time with the girl all weekend. Kinda figured your plate was full, but I'll talk to our other brother tomorrow and see what everyone's schedule looks like this week. Best of luck. (tried to email you Thurs. but it couldn't get it to send for some odd reason)