Monday, December 29, 2008

Postal workers carrying Super Pistols!!

Actually, not so much.

It was a horrific afternoon for Gregory Burnside. Armed robbers invaded his 61st and Grey's Ave. home Tuesday afternoon and terrified him and his wife. He said a woman in her 30's wearing a postal worker's uniform lured him to open the front door.

"Everything looked official, very official, " Burnside said.

Suddenly, he says, the woman pulled out a high-powered handgun.

"She had a clipboard and all. The entire time she had a gun under the clipboard and I wasn't aware of it. But when I went to sign for the letter the clipboard came up and the gun went right directly in my mouth," said Burnside.

A "high powered handgun?" Like one of these? Or one of these? Sensationalized crap from our friendly clueless reporter, Vernon Odom. Well played, sir!

And I repeat myself when I say to beware of letting "official" looking people in your house.

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