Thursday, December 18, 2008

Uuum. . .I've got a question

How in the world does this make any sense, and why do we allow it to keep happening?

Police had their guns drawn as they charged in to a home on Fort Avenue in Roxbury, where they thought a suicidal woman was inside.

"Two police officers led the charge and they literally ran up the staircase with their guns drawn," said Shirley Hunter, the home owner.

Alright, that's two questions, but they still stand. How is it that we think we can help a suicidal person by kicking in someone's door and sending in armed men with guns drawn?
"I said you have the wrong address, you have the wrong address, and they were really pumped up," Hunter said.
I can understand being excited about your job, but this sort of thing just doesn't seem right. I know there is a strong desire to do something to help the 'victim', but rushing in and pointing guns does not seem like the kind of action that makes one change their mind about suicide.

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