Thursday, December 4, 2008

The FLS turning over a new leaf?

I doubt it, but an informative pro-gun article did make it into the Free Lance Star; a notoriously anti-gun rag.

Automatic firearms were severely restricted from civilian ownership by the 1934 National Firearms Act. Semi-automatic rifles that have a military look, such as the Colt AR-15, can be purchased and owned by civilians who pass the standard FBI background check.

Many of the sporting variants fire the .223-caliber bullet, which is the standard NATO 5.56 round, and is much less powerful than that used for any type of big-game hunting. Outside of military circles, it is best known as a varmint-hunting caliber.

This is the type of information that needs to be read by the vast number of Virginia hunters, who often don't have any idea about AR type rifles, and thus think that by throwing the owners of such rifles under the bus that they will save their own skin.

I have talked to staunchly pro-gun hunters who have asked me "who needs a rifle that holds thirty rounds for hunting?" It never dawned on them that there are laws already on the books that limit magazine capacity for hunting, and that if one wants to hunt with his or her AR15, SKS, or semi auto AK, than all you need is to purchase a compliant magazine.

Education works.


The Armed Canadian said...

And sometimes not even a compliant magazine. Both Maryland and Virginia hunting regulations do not require a magazine to be blocked. They only require that the magazine be downloaded to not exceed the limits set in the regulations.

You can take a 20 or 30 round magazine hunting in VA or MD. There are no capacity limits in Virginia. Carry as many rounds in the magazine as you want. Only limit in VA is three shells in a shotgun for migratory game birds. The shotgun does not have to be plugged.

Maryland has an eight(8) limit but likewise doesn't require the magazine to be blocked. Take a drum magazine out if you want and just put eight rounds in it. (Maryland DNR regulation: Firearms used for deer and bear hunting may not have an ammunition clip loaded with more than 8 cartridges or bullets. If a clip has the capacity to hold more than 8 rounds, the clip does not have to be physically blocked, but no more than 8 cartridges or bullets may be loaded.).

Other states may have hard capacity limits but it is a myth that it is required in either VA or MD as most people state.

The Armed Canadian said...

PS: So tell those hunters in Virginia who ask why you need thirty rounds to go hunting that Virginia law doesn't say you can't go out with them if you want to! Most hunters think there is a 3-5 round limit because that is natural capacity of their chosen hunting firearms. But in VA it is not a legislative requirement.

Local regulations may enforce such limits but I have found none listed for the local firearms regulations the VA DNR provides by county.