Monday, December 22, 2008

On permits

Someone please tell me how having a permit would have prevented this:
David Truesdale, 19 of Batavia, was released from the Genesee County Jail Wednesday evening after posting bond. He is facing misdemeanor gun charges after his 6 year old brother, a Batavia elementary student, brought a loaded hand gun on the school bus. The boy's father, 40 year old Juan Claudio is facing similar felony charges. "Neither one had a permit to have that weapon," said Batavia Police officer John Zola.
I have to point out that the owner of the gun was quickly found despite not having a permit.

So tell me then, how would a permit have helped at all in this situation? If both men had been vetted by law enforcement, and received a permit, would the child not have brought the gun on the school bus?

I highly doubt it. I just wanted to point out the uselessness of permits in general.


Mike W. said...

What difference does a permit make? Neither is old enough to buy or carry a handgun.

And yes, the whole permitting system just pisses me off.

Unknown said...

Indeed. You and I both agree that our permit system is a waste of effort. It sure does bring money into my county though!

Mike W. said...

It wouldn't bother me AS much if it were shall-issue and inexpensive around here, but it's not.

For us the whole process ends up running ~$400+, which includes running a $75 newspaper ad saying you've applied for a CCW. That add of course lists your full name and address. There are a few more hoops as well, and after all that it's may issue.

This is why I don't have a Delaware CCW yet.