Monday, December 29, 2008

What did CTone get for Christmas. . .

The FLU!!! YAAAY!!!

Sorry about the lack of posting. I haven't even touched a keyboard since my Christmas day phone post.

I have no idea where the bug came from. In spite of my misery, I decided that I was still going to finish painting my basement this weekend, so I soldiered on downstairs to get things done. Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, I got a dandy allergic reaction from my late afternoon chicken salad. The real unfortunate part is that I love chicken salad.

So then I was even more determined to finish that damned basement. Meanwhile my skin was a charred orange color (a bad John Kerry orangish tan - you know the type) with the exception of the quarter sized hives, which were bleach white.

When my wife laid eyes on me she insisted that I call it quits, and after feeding me a couple of benedryl it was off to la-la land. Sunday I just parked my miserable ass in the recliner and took a break.

So now things should be back to normal. I still feel the occasional rumble in my guts, but overall I'm glad that the bug is gone.
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