Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yet another reason why carry "permits" are a bad idea.

This thread at The High Road is about a gentleman's experience during a traffic stop where he was disarmed by a LEO.

This sort of thing is a minor reason why flagging a citizen with a ridiculous card saying "he has a gun," while entering him or her into a state database that can be browsed by the public, or just outright exploited to the whims of some dickhead journalist, is such stupid policy.

I don't understand why we think we're winning the fight for gun rights when we are asking our government to ensure that we're "authorized" to exercise them. When are we gonna learn?

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Mike W. said...

I agree. On principle alone I have serious issues with the wholesale permitting of a Constitutional right, especially since my state is "may issue." Then again, I'm taking my Utah CCW course this weekend, so I'm not exactly bucking the system.