Sunday, May 18, 2008

Movie Guns VIII

I'm a big fan of Michael Mann movies. He takes the extra time to give a measure of realism to his gun handling and gunfight scenes, as can be seen in movies like Collateral, Heat, and this weeks Movie Guns: Miami Vice.

The general premice of the movie was OK, but the guns that were featured in this film were good-to-go. The end of the movie has an epic gunfight with automatic weapons, some of them with cool optics. Let's get started.

Early on, Rico uses a H&K 69 to open a warehouse door so they could steal some drugs:
H&K 69

Inside the warehouse, one of the BG's had left his Mossberg 500 with underfolding stock on a table:
Mossberg 500 under folder

Later on, Sonny and Rico visit with some high end drug dealers, and when the BG's move in with weapons drawn, Sonny pulls a M67 fragmentation grenade:
M67 grenade

That makes everyone hold very still. You can see the grenade in Sonny's hand when they leave, and one of the BG's is holding a H&K MP7A1:

Afterwords, Sonny and Rico re-arm with more firepower, as seen here where Sonny is holding a compact 1911 of unknown make, and then preps his Sig SG551 carbine:
Sonny's 1911
Sonny's 1911 close

Sonny's Sig SG551

When Rico's girlfriend gets kidnapped, Sonny, Rico, and Gina find her location and move in to take out the BG's and get her back. Here is Gina who sports a H&K G36C:
H&K G36C

She shoots one of the BG's in the face with the G36, and Rico kills a BG with the Sig P220 that he carries throughout the whole movie:
Rico's Sig P220

At the end of the scene, Rico accidentally drops his Sig on the floor of the trailer, but he doesn't notice it and leaves.

Pretty good gun handling from Jammie Foxx. Gina, played by Elizabeth Rodriguez, flinches badly with every shot, especially at the end of the movie. Here, Lieutenant Castillo is holding a Colt M4 with Aimpoint optic:
M4 with Aimpoint

The end of the movie is where the big firefight goes down between the cops and the BG's. Everyone is armed with something bad-ass, like this BG with a Barrett M82A1:
BG with Barrett M82A1

The BG decides to load the rifle, but first has to seat the last round in the magazine for dramatic effect before jamming in the magazine into the weapon.

Two SWAT snipers take out two BG snipers; one with a Remington 700 wearing a Leupold LR/T scope:
Remington 700

The other has a Remington 700 with Nightforce scope, seated in a Choate tactical stock:
Remy 700 Choate stock
Nighforce optic Mildot

They might want to reconsider their choice of ammunition!

The BG's respond by opening up with a couple of H&K G3A3's, a few H&K MP5's, and a few short barrel AR-15's with CMore Scout optics:
BG with H&K G3A3
BG with H&K MP5
AR with CMore

One of the BG's has a fearless expression while firing a AR-15 on full auto, and going frame by frame shows that he doesn't even begin to flinch through a half of a magazine burst. Good job.

The cops fire back with various automatic weapons, as well as shotguns like Rico's Benelli M4:
Benelli M4 shotty

..and this Remington 870 tactical wielded by Switek, who is played by Domenick Lombardozzi. Notice the horrible cheek weld, and that he's not even trying to look down the sights:

Here is Isabella's S&W 99 that she grabbed from a BG:
S&W 99

Overall, a pretty great job of weapon authenticity and accuracy during fight scenes. The BS moment arrives at the very end of the final shootout where the South American druglord's righthand man, Yero, is hip firing a H&K G3A3 on full auto at Rico, who has emptied his Benelli M4. Yero of course misses with every shot at close range, in part because Rico does the super tactical barrel roll, and then Rico draws a H&K 69 40mm grenade launcher stoked with canister shot, from concealment, and blows Yero away.

Yeah, sure.

Still a great movie for the action scenes.

Update: An anonymous commenter notes that Sonny's 1911 is a SVI Tiki Model. Great research!

Update: Two anonymous commenters note that the tactical looking shotgun that I labeled a Remington 870 is a FN Tactical Police, and that Sonny uses a SG 552 instead of the longer barreled SG551. Thanks for picking those up!


Anonymous said...

sonny's 1911 is a SVI Tiki Model

Peter said...

Thanks. This post was great.

Zaakir Abdullah said...

great site!

Anonymous said...

the switek guys shotgun is actually an fn tactical police shotgun i own one

Anonymous said...

The gun you refer to as a SIG SG551 is in reality a SIG SG552! The same mistake has been done in your article about "assault on precint 13". The commando version 552 has a shorter barrel than the 551 - you can compare them by checking out the 551 in the "Ronin" article for example. Nice work anyway


Anonymous said...

The shotgun you have listed is a Remington 870 Tactical is actually an FN Tactical Police.

Matt said...

I was just about to mention the error in the SIG 551 and 552. The easiest way to tell the difference is the 552 has got a totally different 3-pronged flash suppressor.

Taylor Mock said...

The Mossberg with underfolding stock is actually a Remington 870 with factory top folding stock.

Chris said...

Finally, someone else who owns an SW99.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure its Rem 870 Police with a top folding stock. I know because I have one. Good otherwise!