Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Extremely armed and dangerous

That is what the Phillidelphia PD is calling the third scumbag who is at large after killing a cop in a bank robbery. This story is getting spun left and right, with all of the usual scare tactics being thrown around, with words like "assault weapon," "high powered," "the sergeant had no chance," and even "I would call it an execution!"
Blackburn said of the assault weapon used to kill the officer: "It's got tremendous fire power. It's a weapon we're trying to get off the street here."
Umm, no. Click here to learn more about "tremendous firepower." The press is banking on this stuff. If anyone wants to place the blame on the weapons, first know this:
Police also stated that all three men had extensive criminal records.
I've heard that Philly has never been proficient at locking up their bad guys.

The gun that was used to kill the cop is a Chinese SKS with an Advanced Technology folding stock, and a 30 round detachable magazine that you can get to replace the standard ten round fixed magazine. Also found by police were:

Inside the van, cops found a fully loaded .44-caliber revolver, two sets of Muslim clothing, $38,000 in cash and two GPS tracking systems.

Nearby, under a trash can, police found a .22-caliber revolver and additional clothing linked to the robbery.

This is definitely a tragedy, but it is being turned into something it is not. The mayor of Philly is a jackass, so expect more "terror weapon" legislation from his blowhole sometime in the near future.

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