Monday, May 12, 2008

Kalifornia concealed carry

Or lack thereof. Actor Dennis Farina busted at LAX security checkpoint because he forgot that his .22 caliber terror weapon was in his briefcase, and worse yet, he wasn't even authorized by the state to carry the death machine, nor was the blasted thing entered in an arbitrary government list!

To think that someone would ignore such commonsense laws! The horror!

Some may run this guy up the flagpole - the law sure is as he is being charged with a felony - but I cannot throw rocks at this man because I've been hosed at airport security as well.

I was arrested at checkpoint once for having several knives in a bag. It was all a mistake, obviously, as I was on my way to Iraq and was not able to check my rucksack at the ticket counter. I just forgot they were in there. I spent the night in jail, while my firearm and seabag flew out to the El Paso, TX airport where I found them 18 hours later on the floor outside of the baggage claim area.

Farina better have a good lawyer. I'm sure he won't have to struggle as hard as I did to pay for one.

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