Sunday, May 11, 2008

Movie Guns VII.5

As promised, here is a review of the weapons seen in the movie The Outsiders. I was asked about the make of the balisong that Emilio Estevez carries in the movie, and I had not seen this movie for well over ten years, so I picked it up at Target last night to give it a look.

There are several firearms in this movie, as well as several different types of knives. I got a closeup of some of them, but there are others that I just couldn't get a good picture of.

The first knife that I could get a picture of is a black handled balisong with a spear point blade and a false edge. It appears to be stainless, but I could be wrong. Here is Two-Bit (Emilio Estevez) flipping the knife open right before a confrontation with the Socs:
Bali flip

Here's a closer look:
Bali in face

Later, Johnny (Ralph Macchio) pulls a stag handled switchblade from his pocket. It has a strange latch that he pulls down with his thumb:
Unk switchblade latch

Unk switchblade open

This is the knife that he uses to fatally run through one of the Socs that is drowning his friend Ponyboy (C. Thomas Howell), as seen here covered with blood:
Unk switchblade bloody

Afterwords, Johnny and Ponyboy seek help from their friend Dallas (Matt Dillon), who promptly gives them cash, instructions, and this revolver:
Unk revolver

As he is handing it over to Johnny, you can see a shotgun and a Hawken rifle hanging on the wall:
Hawken w/shotgun on wall

Later on, Two-Bit and Ponyboy are visiting Dallas in the hospital, and Dallas asks to see Two-Bit's balisong:
Emilio and Bali

Two-Bit always flips open the latch with his right hand while the knife is tip-up, then rolls it tip-down in his left hand, and then flips it open with his right hand. He does a good job controlling the knife, but I don't think he caries one day-to-day.

Here's Dallas holding the knife:
Bali in hospital

If you look close, you can see a butterfly etched into the hilt. You can see it better on the second picture above.

At some point, Dallas starts carrying a "heater." Ponyboy says "heaters are for kiling people." Idiot.
Unk auto

I don't know what type of gun it is, but he uses it to knock off a convenience store towards the end of the movie:
I have no idea what type of auto this is

The store owner pulls out a little revolver and shoots Dallas as he is running away with all of the cash:
Store owners revolver

I doubt the cops would have any problems with the store owner, even though he shot Dallas in the back.

Well, I have no idea who makes these weapons, but I have captured them for everyone to look at. I will try to trace down the make and model of these, and will update the post when I find something.

Update: Ahab identifies the small auto that Dallas is holding as a compact model of the Star B in 9mm. Good to go.

Now, does anyone have any idea who makes the bali?

Update: The auto knife that Johnny uses to kill the Soc is a German made Solingen Springer. Here's some more information. I found this info completely by accident.


Anonymous said...

It's a Star B-series, which were compact/fullsize 1911 knock offs made in Spain.

Unknown said...

Thanks much! I had no idea what type of gun that was, and I didn't have the time to search.

I'm not very good at identifying old guns either.

Anonymous said...

The store owner's revolver looks like an old Smith & Wesson revolver, possibley a Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless, nick named "The Lemon Squeezer" because of its grip safety.

themotorcycleboy said...

Twobit's knife is a "Pacific Cutlery balisong w/ black Micarta scales"
I believe it is a 1988 model, I'm not sure...
Pacific Cutlery was sold to benchmade, and if you ever look at a benchmade balisong, you will see that "butterfly" you noticed on Twobit's knife, it reads "Balisong" over it