Monday, May 12, 2008

The Wild West

Which, by god, is the District of Columbia.

It's a good thing you had all of those hands on all of those...d ....oh never mind. The overwhelming police presence in the city failed to make any meaningful change. DC citizens still can't defend themselves, so they're killed in droves, and all the while thousands of cops are roaming around outside to make people feel safe, but not actually safe.

Next, Chiefy will have platoons of heavily armored cops with shiny new AR-15's patroling the streets "for the children," and then DC "leaders" will have the "power trip" that they so desperately want. Seriously, what's next?

Chiefy has already run the gauntlet of stupid ideas, including the coveted "reason with them" nonsense that is ripped right out of the irrational liberal ideas for dummies handbook.

I thought you were going to "get them" Chief?

This futile clown show can only get worse because the population of DC is controled by armed gangs, and the mayor, with his armada of police cruisers, couldn't stop crime if he doubled the number of uniformed officers. Not without finishing off the Constitution anyways; we can already see that that is a possibility.

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